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Why 5G with it advantages should attract your attention soon.

5G is the  generation of mobile and wireless communications supposed to be up to 100 times faster than current 4G networks.  This means that during the time it took to download just one piece of data with 4G (like a movie), the same could have been downloaded 100 times over a 5G network.

Looking at it another way: you could download close to 100 movies before 4G could deliver even the first half of one.

what does 5G offer

What 5G offers to everyone is pretty straightforward : faster internet speeds, close to zero latency, and improved accessibility.

So, 5G wireless network technology is set to boost the bandwidth, capacity and reliability of cellular broadband. The technology, is  designed to supplement rather than replace current 4G networks. So that it will make the next-generation wireless competitive with even the fastest fiber-optic wired networks and also make real what til now seem unfeasable.

As advantage 5G is less prone to interference compared to 4G networks. Even if mmWave is held back with the obstacles, it still doesn’t stop it from performing relatively better than 4G. 5G targets devices directly, instead of spreading the waves across the whole area.

Now why to upgrade network ?

The primary focus and reason for needing an upgraded network is to meet the growing demand of bandwidth of the mutiple device such as phones, IOT product, computer etc. . connect to internet, in order to function normally that 4G simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

Now, it’s clear that 5G is paving a new road to the future for mobile devices and communication, but what does that really mean for you ?

First nothing you currently do with your phone such as browse internet, stream videos and send text message won’t be taken away when you are in 5G.

But thanks for the speed upgrade, everything will seem instant; the websites will load faster, online videos will stop lagging.


Imagine for one moment if your phone could react and communicate its reaction to hundreds of object around it, all within a millisecond.

From the 5G, we expect so many things, but …

5G may not be limited to just mobile networks

The fifth generation of mobile networks could indeed be the backbone of a massively compressed telecommunications infrastructure that integrates data processing, storage and networking into a single system.

However to reach the full potential of 5G, organizations need to add the cloud and big data. And with much faster data speeds, there will be billions of connected devices. These will include traditional mobile phone, but also internet enabled devices from dishwashers through to advanced medical equipment.

At home

If you end up using 5G at home to replace your cable, you’ll find that you can connect more of your devices to the internet at the same time without bandwidth issues. Some home internet connections are so slow that they simply don’t support all the new interconnected tech coming out these days. 5G at home let you connect your smartphone, video game console, smart door knobs,virtual device handset, wireless security cameras,tablet, and laptop all to the same router without worrying that they’ll stop working when they’re all on at the same time.

healthcare case

professionals begin to use  remote video. 5G could power the next generation of robotic devices. Surgeries could be performed from the other side of the world, with robot controlled in real-time by expert human surgeons saving lives in situations where time and distance are the difference between life and death, especially in Africa where most of the time we need to travel to europe or us in emergency case.

8K TV wahouuuuu !!!!

Streaming quality depend on the width of the bandwidth. To mean the higher the bandwidth, the better UHD streaming quality. This will help to make real : TV based cloud gaming, Real-time health management systems that track patients.

Security with AI

Artificial intelligence and 5G will make your life a lot easier. AI will enable face recognition, vehicles, license plate recognition or other video analyses. For example, the detection of an intruder or thieves by the video surveillance system could trigger the automatic locking of all the adjacent doors, confining the intruder until the arrival of law enforcement personnel.


Increase of battery life

Due to limited battery life, network latency, and bandwidth limitation, personal wearables often resort to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for connectivity and need to be constantly paired with computers and smartphones, and as a result are failing to exist as independent devices. 5G is there to solve also the ernegy wasting issue.

Smart city

Many companies are looking at the possibility of using 5G so that together they will create a smart city. It seems to be able to keep the promise of a digital society and a digital economy.

How business can benifit 5G?

Remember that 5G is there to meet bandwidth demand that 4G can provide. Considering the capacity of 4G, you have to know that the amount of data generated is estimated at 44 zettabytes. Business can benifit this on multiple fronts. But for that many companies need to hire Analytics talent.


Analytics can be used to find a way to retrieve information from the huge amount of data, so that to solve a specific problem or to make prediction.

Analytics strategic can help to track customer, market behaviour, and how to drive traffic. Analytics also facilitate the preventive maintenance and then change the business models.

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